Henry James Iddeson1

b. 18 August 1888, d. between April 1957 and June 1957

Family: Henry James Iddeson and Edith Annie Patten


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    1. Mary Ann A. Iddeson, female, born 21 February 1863, widowed, Unpaid Domestic Duties.
    2. Jeannette Cartright, female, born 9 November 1878, widowed, Domestic Work.
    3. Juanita Lethbridge (married name - Cottis), female, born 10 September 1917, single, Clerk Invoice.
    4. Pauline Lethbridge, female, born 19 November 1889, married, Musician Pianist.
    5. Helen Woodward, female, born 20 February 1870, widowed, Unpaid Domestic Duties.
    6. Henry J. Iddeson, male, born 18 August 1888, single, Driver Tram.
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    Emily M. Rawes, servant, single, female, aged 25, general servant domestic, born in Southtown, Suffolk.
    Ellen E. Ives, visitor, single, female, aged 21, born in Rackheath, Norfolk.
    Samuel E. Read, servant, single, male, aged 19, groom, born in Great Yarmouth.
    Henry J. Iddison, visitor, male, aged 2, born in Haynford, Norfolk."
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    Elizabeth Ives, wife, married, female, age 60, born in Salhouse, Norfolk.
    Henry Iddison, grandson, single, male, age 12, born in Haynford, Norfolk.
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